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Misheard Lyrics


From a site full of misheard lyrics:

Madonna’s, “Dress You Up”
Misheard Lyrics:
Dress you up in nylon
Correct Lyrics:
Dress you up in my love

R.E.M’s, “Losing My Religion”
Misheard Lyrics:
Lets pee in the corner
Correct Lyrics:
That’s me in the corner

U2’s, “Mysterious Ways”
Misheard Lyrics:
If you want to kiss this guy, you better learn how to kneel
Correct Lyrics:
If you want to kiss the sky, you better learn how to kneel

Queen’s, “Bohemian Rhapsody”
Misheard Lyrics:
Bill the bug has a demo of a swine for me
Correct Lyrics:
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me

Queen’s, “We Will Rock You”
Misheard Lyrics:
Kickin’ your cat all over the place
Correct Lyrics:
Kickin’ your can all over the place

Sarah McLachlan’s, “I Will Remember You”
Misheard Lyrics:
We can’t afford the many fees
Correct Lyrics:
Weep not for the memories

Random updates


Well, someone at work offered to take my Friday shift, thank god, so now I can go home. Fun. Well, it will be fun, I’ll be staying with Andrea and Erik, who are also hosting Blake and her boyfriend….I adore Andrea, I adore Erik, and I adore Blake, so I assume I’ll adore her boyfriend too if I get to know him. 🙂 And that very nice girl Lisa I met last weekend lives downstairs, how handy. And Andrea went ahead and included me in her lunch plans for Friday….added me to the tally for the reservation. What a doll. So aside from all the other stuff I’m going to have to do (spend time with grandma, and my aunt Ingrid, and yet somehow manage to avoid seeing my father and making my mother feel in the middle again), it should be a good time. As long as I can find a bra to wear with that damn dress….for some reason, the dressmaker decided to eshew the only request I made of her….that the back COVER the BRA I WAS WEARING WHEN SHE MEASURED ME. It’s a good three inches too low. So now I have to find some fancy-ass bra to go with this dress. And the straps were a bit wonky too. So I guess that’s Friday’s activity…trying on dress, forcing dressmaker to finish it, blah blah blah….

And I have phone calls to return in spades after work today. And after the shopping I must do before that. And I’d really just like to read my book. Oh, and I think my new book from chapters arrived in the mail, I got a notice for a package and that’s all I’m expecting. The Stone Carvers, it looked like another great Canadian novel.

salmon and I agreed that we should go to Another Story on the Danforth to redeem our gift certificates, gifts from Patty and Triangle. I’m almost drooling at the thought. Someone (maybe it was Soshi?) suggested to me that when you get a gift certificate like that you should buy an expensive book you would never buy yourself. So the question is: do I go for (expensive) quality, or quantity? A series of softcovers? Maybe 2 1/2 hardcovers? A coffee table book? My leaning is to go for quantity…since it’s going to be quality away. This reminds me of my weekly sci fi book purchase in high school….I would go to the bookstore every Friday with a 5 dollar bill and get a sci fi/fantasy paperback and pocket the nickel. And every time I scanned the options, I was always chosing between 3 or 4, and, since they all cost the same, I usually picked the thickest one. Those were the days….



Up way too early as far as I’m concerned. I was at salmon’s until about 1:30am (eating, jamming, yacking, complaining, all the good stuff), and didn’t get into bed until about 2:30am. And of course I forgot that I had to be at work at 9am this morning. And I think I’m here until 5pm too. Great. What was I thinking? (Oh, right, money money money…) This place is a tomb too….I haven’t even seen my boss yet. Maybe he got hammered at the centre BBQ last night and is taking the morning off…I would be jealous, of course, but not unhappy about that….

Being tired always turns my mind to sad and disturbing topics…I found strange marks on my ankle this morning and was utterly convinced that it was skin cancer.

I’m half looking forward to the wedding this weekend (since I get to see some great people, after all) and half dreading it with all my heart. Armies have been mustered on both sides of the family warzone. The little white flag has been pulled down and the muskets are in full view. So it’s just a matter of time for the fireworks to really start….

Our Lady of the Lost and Found


Time passes, we say: like a football, a parade, a ship in the night. Time flies: like a bird, a plane, like Superman. Time flows: like a river, like sand, like blood. Time, we have been told, is a reef, a hand, a wheel, a gift. Time is avenger, devourers, destroyer, a subtle thief of youth. Time, we hope, heals all wounds.

We talk about spending time (like money), serving time (like dinner), doing time (like lunch). We talk about buying time *like a car, a refrigerator, a new pair of shoes), borrowing time (like a library book, a cup of sugar, an egg), stealing time (like hubcaps, third base, a kiss). At one time or another, we have all had time on our hands, time to squander, time to kill. Most often we say we are pressed for time: like a shirt, like grapes for wine, like a flower in a book, like a hand against a heart. Time, we say, has run out on us, like milk, luck, or an unfaithful spouse. So much time, we complain, is lost: like mittens, sheep, or souls.

“Some wounds never heal,” Mary said. “People should know that by now.”
Diane Schoemperlen, Our Lady of the Lost and Found



Oh boy. What a weekend. I had a great time at my sister’s second and final shower…I met a lovely girl named Lisa who lives in the apartment downstairs whom *everyone* has been telling me I should meet for ages…she was really funny and gave me some great book titles to look up….and I spent some great time with Andrea and Blake, the other bridesmaids. And, surprise surprise, Janine came all the way from London to party with us…and what fun it was.

And now I’m back….helping with some students do *something*, though I don’t really understand what. And I’m thinking about what needs to be ‘fixed’ in the moo…I think i’ve been thinking about that for some time.



I went to see Shrek tonight with my friend Dylan. I really enjoyed it, though I had heard mixed reviews going in…it was very cute. And funny. Sometimes I wondered if it was tastefully funny (lots of bathroom humour) but cute.

And now…I’m exhausted…

Should I get a Tattoo?


Two thoughts are swirling around in my head today, two quotations that have been with me since I was about 13….for some reason they are now functioning for me right now at the same time, they’re the opposites for each other, and that’s compelling to me…

“My marks and scars I carry with me, to be a reminder for me that I have fought His battles who now will be my rewarder.”

This is actually part of an engraving around the stand that holds a memorial book to soliders from the first world war in the parliment buildings in Ottawa. So I guess I learned it when I was in Ottawa for my grade 8 class trip. Now, the actual point of this statement is that going to war is a godly thing to do, and I’m not sure what to make of that, but I’d rather deconstruct it in a different way…I love the idea of the marks and scars being somehow optional, ‘I carry with me’, there’s a sense of choice there, I will carry these…it reminds me of the Ondaatje line, “wounded without the pleasure of a scar.” The scar has a purpose, and you can claim that purpose and take that purpose with you….

“When thou passest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned, for the fire is roses.”

This is the second quotation. It’s actually from Pilgrim’s Progress, not the most fun book in the world to read…I actually read it in full in my last year at Carleton in a Renaissance lit class. But I got that quotation from Madeleine L’Engle’s A Swiftly Tilting Planet when I was a kid, that was one of my favourite books…I still like to reread that one. But….this always stayed with me…which, as I know now, it really a statement about how Jesus is always with the pilgrim, protecting him, keeping him from harm that looks devestating, but faith will turn the fire to roses….lovely, lovely, but now I’m thinking of this differently….this is exactly what Ondaatje said, “without the pleasure…” the fire of roses is still a fire, but the pilgrim doesn’t get to carry his marks and scars with him as a reminder that he has fought. Is it better this way? To be washed clean of your battles? Or better to be scarred by them, not to be crippled, but to be reminded?

MOO blues


Wow, Pyra’s T1 provider bites. God knows what the problem is, but blogspot has been down for days, and the folks at Pyra seem to be pulling out their hair. And of course Ev is in Amsterdam living it up, so the others are left to fend for themselves. At this point they’re begging anyone in the area who thinks they can bring the T1 back up to take over. ISP wanted: Pyra and thousands of bloggers need you!

I’m preparing for that class tonight…what a mess. First, I didn’t realize that the GUI won’t allow for multiple initial dig points for classes….never assume you understand something, that’s what I learned from that. So the system will allow for only ONE point from which to dig. So I set all the four rooms I want them to dig from to public_hub = 1 (Thanks to Brin) , so that anyone can add an exit from and to those rooms, and changed the building instructions to ‘manual’ (text @digging) instead of GUI. They can do the describing in GUI, and the @dig in text. It’ll work. 🙂 Oh, and as I type that….another of the wizards got around to changing the GUI to allow for multiple initial dig points. Right now. Just now. Am I going to go back and fix what I just fixed? No way. Screw it.

And…I just met a student from this class online who is bringing on two OTHER students to be the research subjects for his/her own personal project, without getting permission to do so. And this thing starts tonight. What have we learned?

1) It’s GREAT that profs and students are interested in using the MOO for a variety of reasons. And clearly there’s lots to be developed and lots of good ideas to follow through on. And even though this class might be tricky, I think it will be a success in some way or other…probably not the way it was supposed to be a success.

2) teachers of all shapes, sizes and colours should have a TUTORIAL before the even DECIDE to teach inMOO. Not that the moo is that difficult, but you’d better have a grip on the space before you hop on in. I suggest that teachers have a quota of things to do before we even LET them bring their classes on. That’s probably a little harsh. But seriously. It could go something like this:

– build a room.
– add seats, details, and room noises.
– upload a picture.
– add a picture to your room or character.
-change your player messages.
– send MOOmail.
– page someone.
– build 3 different kinds of objects.
– describe 2 other projects on the moo.

I mean, it could be something we SUGGEST teachers do before they bring a class in. Because we can’t hand hold everyone from beginning to end….I don’t mind being helpful, but there comes a point…

Patty and Jim didn’t really have a clue what was going on with achieve either, but they were ALWAYS in charge of that class and were ALWAYS in control of what went down. And they also knew when to step back and bring others in to teach the stuff they weren’t clear on. (Unlike this current class, where I am the ‘help’ and wasn’t even invited to the initial moo introduction class.) And they sat back and listened long enough to get a grip on the space and to know how much they didn’t understand about it. I have to say I’ve never had a more inspiring conversation than explaining how things work on a moo to Patty, in terms of it being an object oriented space as opposed to a website, and then watching her digest that and come up with how to use this basic nature of the space in really creative ways….she truly is a remarkble teacher, and I’m coming to apprieciate that more and more. I mean, to be open enough to listen and learn and digest….she has some GREAT ideas for doing moo projects with students, and she while she talks about herself as a techno zygote, she was with us on that wavelength 100% about the possibilities of the moo and turned around and gave the kids the most amazing set of guidelines that were totally workable and totally true to the space. So she’s not just a good teacher, she’s a good learner. Maybe that’s the key….

I suspect that because of that openness, the triangle kids are going to have a better understanding of the MOO as an educational space than these OISE graduate students will….now that’s telling.