Monthly Archives: February 2003

Commitment of the Day


I’m applying to graduate school. Again. *facepalms* No really, it’s a good thing. It is. I’m even marginally excited about it in a way I wasn’t three days ago. I think it might even be fun. Let’s just hope I get in…

Oh come on. Graduate school is the one thing I’m actually qualified for. *weeps*

Columbia Lost


Destroyed on landing. It took a bit for them to admit it, but yes. destroyed. Lost. Gone. 17 years to the week from the Challenger explosion. Oh the memories. And with all that drama they created about putting an Israeli on board. Marc Garneau is talking live right now, hoping that someone is still alive. I’m even sure how that’s possible.

How’s this for disturbing: the Washington Post prewrote an article about the smooth landing :Columbia Streaks Toward Florida Landing.

Much thanks to again.