Monthly Archives: June 2001

Blood at Old Navy


I wandered through the pride parade to get to the bus station, which of course took me a good two hours at least. Then I missed the bus. So I went to the eaton’s centre to kill time, and someone walked into me at Old Navy and tore off half my toenail with her shoe. (Big toe.) She didn’t even turn around when I screamed. And it bled and bled and bled..the staff thought I should go to the hospital, it was very ugly. Now it’s all wrapped up in gauze and I’m scared to look at it. have I mentioned my lack of a pain threshold?

GUI rewrites


Well! Emma was over today and we generated some ideas for the GUI…for the complete rewrite of the GUI. We have a series of complaints about how it works, some things that are fairly straightforward, and some things that we need more time and imagination to work out…

But other than workish stuff we actually did fun things too…we wandered around the pride carnival that is taking place in my neighbourhood, and went out for a bite, sat out on my balcony and chatted….Emma’s decided that she should come over and moo from my balcony with me. (Thank God for dsl.)

So a very fun day all around….oh, and I bought a new peasant shirt, to add to my peasant fashion wardrobe….and an orange skirt, which will comprise my pride day outfit tomorrow for the big parade! wooohooo!

Happy Pride day, everyone!



WELL! Now I’m going to participate in the blogathon! (See all relevant links above.) This is going to be a blast, I can hardly wait. We’re hoping that fry kitty will invite everyone to congregate at achieve so people can meet and chat and talk about cool blogs and stuff…Emma’s idea, truly brilliant. I’m thrilled. Now, what on earth and I going to blog about all that time? Tough to say. but, heck, I’ve talked for 24 hours at a stretch, no doubt I can blog that long. 🙂 Please sponsor me! Every little bit counts! The triangle program meets in a church basement that is on loan to them, and they still need to beg for enough money for books. You can imagine that gay-positive resources aren’t something you can just snatch from the textbook pile from the regular school system (like there’s a pile.) The teachers and staff of the triangle program do some really amazing work…if you follow this blog, you’ll know how much I adore Patty, and how hard she works to give those kids every advantage in the world. She’s fabulous, this program is fabulous, the kids are fabulous….they’ve actually changed the way I look at the world now, and I’m so thankful that I want them to get some cash to support more kids….more kids I can play on the MOO with next year. 🙂 So sponsor me! Please!




M.O.O.: Machine Optimized for Observation
A.C.H.I.E.V.E.: Artificial Cybernetic Humanoid Intended for Efficient Violence and Exploration
S.A.L.M.O.N.: Synthetic Artificial Lifeform Manufactured for Observation and Nullification
B.R.I.N.: Biomechanical Robotic Infiltration Neohuman
H.I.L.D.E.: Hydraulic Intelligent Lifeform Designed for Exploration
J.A.S.O.N.: Journeying Android Skilled in Observation and Nullification
T.S.R.: Transforming Synthetic Replicant




Somehow, we managed to convince tsr that he really needed a character at achieve. Unbelieveable. tsr is, hands down, the best moo coder I’ve ever seen. And I know 0bsidian is pretty good as well, but tsr manages to code the most useful things you didn’t know you needed….and it looks like we caught him just in time. He just quit his job, and has decided to take a break from work for a little while. Wonderful news for us…I hope we can get lots of good advice from him. he did meander on and check my code, I’m happy to say. He says my code is good, I’m thrilled.

And he’s learning perl, so it will be interesting to put him and emma in a room together.

Hopefully tsr can help us with PCs, and with guest chars….since we have a bunch of new ideas about guest chars. Fun fun!

Can’t wait for Jason to get back…