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[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “I just wrote blog entry #99”
[+][beam] salmon exclaims, “wooo!”
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “I’m going to end it with a clean 100”
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “that seems like the right thing to do”
[+][beam] jason goes Woooooohoooooooo! across the channel.’
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “I would like to take this time….to thank God….”
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “I’d like to thank my parents…”
[+][beam] salmon grin.
[+][beam] EvaB wipes another tear
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “without whom I wouldn’t be here…”
[+][beam] Hildegarde says, “And all our sponsors”
[+][beam] EvaB whips out the camera
[+][beam] Hildegarde poses, Angelina Jolie style
[+][beam] EvaB whistles
[+][beam] Hildegarde exclaims, “Oh…..I just…I just love you ALL!!”
[+][beam] Hildegarde starts to cry.
[+][beam] EvaB says, “yeah we like you we *really* like you”
[+][beam] jason affectionately rubs noses with Hildegarde.
[+][beam] Hildegarde falls apart laughing.



I just suckered EvaB into going through my new tutorial! WOOOOHOOOO! She really is the inspiration for these things…..the tap dancing and weeping and expressions…she’s my favourite dramatic MOO person, after all. 🙂

Bloggable CBC


Radio quote: “I know when I was younger I saw God as a sugar daddy.” The murder of a child changes the sugar daddy image of God who looks after everyone, who provides for everyone, who makes sure you get what you want. “Good people do experience tragedy…we can all be targets for something. We not only need to give our lives to God….we also need to give our deaths.”



a bloggable event
Well. I counted my posts for the blogathon, and discovered that this is post #92. Good thing I wasn’t counting. I should do something nice for #100.

Anyway, i was still thinking about #11, sheesh…I got all interrupted and discombobulated….