WELL! Now I’m going to participate in the blogathon! (See all relevant links above.) This is going to be a blast, I can hardly wait. We’re hoping that fry kitty will invite everyone to congregate at achieve so people can meet and chat and talk about cool blogs and stuff…Emma’s idea, truly brilliant. I’m thrilled. Now, what on earth and I going to blog about all that time? Tough to say. but, heck, I’ve talked for 24 hours at a stretch, no doubt I can blog that long. 🙂 Please sponsor me! Every little bit counts! The triangle program meets in a church basement that is on loan to them, and they still need to beg for enough money for books. You can imagine that gay-positive resources aren’t something you can just snatch from the textbook pile from the regular school system (like there’s a pile.) The teachers and staff of the triangle program do some really amazing work…if you follow this blog, you’ll know how much I adore Patty, and how hard she works to give those kids every advantage in the world. She’s fabulous, this program is fabulous, the kids are fabulous….they’ve actually changed the way I look at the world now, and I’m so thankful that I want them to get some cash to support more kids….more kids I can play on the MOO with next year. 🙂 So sponsor me! Please!

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